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Our New Blog: Up and Down the Supply Chain


Welcome to Shoreline Community College’s Purchasing and Supply Chain Blog, “Up and DownJerry Baker the Supply Chain.”

I am R. Jerry Baker, C.P.M., CPCM, a member of the Shoreline Community College faculty and the blog coordinator.  I teach the six core purchasing and supply chain courses which are an integral part of the AAAS degree, the Certificate of Proficiency, the Certificate of Completion, and the Sustainable Purchasing and Supply Chain Management certificate offered by the college.  

Shoreline Community College has been offering high quality fully online courses at an affordable price for more than a decade and has been a leader and innovator in purchasing and supply chain education since the late 1960s. Shoreline’s recent development of a Virtual College is a prime example of how Shoreline continues its upward trend as a frontrunner in online community college education.  To obtain additional information about the virtual college and the degree and certificate requirement, visit: http://new.shoreline.edu/virtual-college/

Shoreline has a growing diverse population of students, many working full time, who are committed to advancing there knowledge and skills of supply chain concepts.

Future blog content will focus on purchasing and supply chain management topics, including fundamental supply chain concepts, sourcing and supplier relations, materials management, logistics and transportation, contract management, and eProcurement. We will also relate these topics to several industries, including manufacturing; service; retail; federal, state and local governments; educational institutions; utilities; and wholesale. We plan to bring you current useable information about supply chain planning and operations.

I will write and post articles about supply chain issues and will invite other subject matter experts to do the same. We believe this collaborative and inclusive approach will enhance the coverage and value of the blog’s content.

If you have a supply chain issue or question, please do not hesitate to email your questions to us and a reply will be sent to you.

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